Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Long Awaited Deposition... Ridiculous!

As part of his never ending attempts to blow our divorce completely out of proportion my wife's jackass attorney has been demanding I come sit through a deposition. He's wasted hours of billable time communicating this desire to my lawyer, scheduling it, rescheduling it, screwing up and rescheduling again, preparing the questions then the actual deposition itself.

What was so important, you may ask? He spent all of 15 minutes asking questions regarding two main points; my employment history in high school and immediately thereafter as well as my current financial information. Seriously, it really matters where I worked in high school 2 years before my soon-to-be-ex-wife even set foot in this country, 9 years before I even met her and almost two decades before we married? Even the financial questions were a waste of time, he asked about current balances when all that matters were the balances at the time of the separation and he's had that info in great detail for 6 weeks now.

Personally I think the fucktardian douchebag is an unethical prick, nothing better than a thief. He exemplifies every negative stereotype of divorce attorneys. I really don't give a damn that my wife is stupid enough to allow herself to be robbed but I'm getting pretty tired of forking over money for unnecessary bullshit simply because she's too stupid to figure out that she's being played. Between us I'm guessing we had to fork out over a thousand dollars for this complete waste of time. Fortunately her cost will be twice whatever mine is, I hope she chokes on his next billing statement.

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