Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kidney Stones... Again.

Kidney stones? Yes please, because once is never enough. I've been in some pain the past couple of days, and having had kidney stones once before I knew exactly what it was. I'd hoped the stone(s) would pass without incident but no such luck. Today the pain got bad enough that I had to drive to the ER and go through that whole mess again. This time I have three stones, all 3 millimeters in size with two still in my kidney.

I've been drugged (multiple times), CT Scanned, sonogrammed twice, jabbed with needles and catheterized all while sporting the latest in hospital gown fashion. The hospital staff unsuccessfully tried to figure out how I could suck down 2 large glasses of water and over a liter and a half of fluid from an IV yet still remain unable to pee more than a teaspoonful because my bladder was empty. Where'd it all go? Nobody knows, it's just one of those "things that make you go hmmmm" I guess. So after all of that I came home and took a quick nap to clear my head somewhat then painted a couple windows and a door. The show must go on.

Tomorrow was supposed to be the settlement hearing for the divorce but that's postponed now. I need to be able to think clearly and a mind exhausted by two nights without sleep and possibly still under the influence of percocet probably won't be very clear.


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