Thursday, March 11, 2010

Now The Real Fun Starts

I got a real nice surprise today after work. While trying to check out at the grocery store the credit card reader kept returning an error message, telling me "Invalid Account." In my heart and in my mind I knew exactly what that meant, but calmly called my wife to verify what I felt, which she promptly did. Yes, she had emptied the bank account and closed it, leaving me with no access to funds, no way to pay for the groceries I had and no way to get gas to get home.

Her reason? I had transferred some money to a savings account to be used by both of us for separation expenses. Before I'd had a chance to tell her about it, explain the plan and show her the spreadsheet I'd make to track the use of that money she had gone to the ATM for another of her three times a week cash withdrawals and noticed the change in our account balance, and since she's spent our entire marriage taking money, spending large sums of money with no discussion and lying about both on a regular basis she automatically just decided that I must now be doing the same. That is her mindset. For the first time ever I was actually angry enough to insult her directly, I almost feel bad for calling her a thieving cunt.... almost.

God forbid she exercise any common sense at all, maybe take the 10 seconds necessary to call me and ask for details. I think she has set in motion a series of events which will turn what should have been a simple and quick divorce into a seemingly never-ending hatefest which will end up costing us each thousands of dollars each with little or nothing to be gained by either.

I have never seen such an intelligent person so easily rendered completely and utterly stupid by money, or even the thought of money. It's downright sad. My only consolation is the fact that she will soon be out of my life forever. Not soon enough, but soon.

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