Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Attorney And A Spousal Support Claim

This just gets more ridiculous by the day. I had already obtained an attorney before she who can not be named decided that being a thieving bitch was the best way to reach a quick and equitable settlement and facilitate as quick and painless a divorce as possible. This attorney had agreed to handle the case for an extremely low hourly rate and based on my description of our relatively low assets she figured it to cost no more than $1,000. She would file the divorce papers and take it from there.

Scratch that plan. Jeannette, in all of her infinite wisdom, has decided after stealing the bank account, our joint tax refund check and most of our joint possessions that she should also be the one to file. Accordingly, she hired an expensive attorney with a reputation for being very difficult to work with. That means I had to hire a different attorney, one who specializes in family law. So now, instead of one attorney working with us to quickly settle the case we will have two separate attorneys working against each other, each charging triple the rate of the one I'd originally hired. I think I can say goodbye to anything resembling a quick divorce.

Yesterday I had my consult with the new attorney. After hearing how Jeannette had proceeded up to that point she ordered me to go to the Domestic Relations Office and file a Spousal Support claim based on the large disparity in our respective incomes. WTF?? I had no idea I could even do that, and am not real comfortable with doing so but since I have to pay this woman $300/hour you can bet your ass I'm going to do as she tells me. It sure did hurt signing that $3,000 retainer check, it better be worth it.

On another note I think I've figured out why she who can not be named is acting like such a bitch. She's taking her divorce advice from two different people; a gay man who's never been married and her sister who went through a bitter divorce not long ago. These two live completely different lifestyles than we do (the sister has children), are in waaayyyyy different income brackets with assets far above ours and have completely different life philosophies than we do but she seems intent on following their every word. Neither one has bothered to ask me my side or bothered to make any effort to find the whole story before offering their advice. She's taking that advice, knowing that's is based on her rather twisted version of what's been going on. Karma will come back to bite her in the ass, I just know it and I can't wait to see it.

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