Friday, March 12, 2010

It Just Keeps Getting Better!

Tonight I come home from work to find the house had been ransacked, all of our financial documentation was gone, and most of the furniture as well as a lot of personal items were all missing. My darling wife had waited until I left for work then showed up with friends, boxes and a moving truck and proceeded to take what she wanted.

She took her perceived half of what she wanted, but that was just the start. My clothes were thrown on the bed because Jeannette took the dresser I used, as well as the one she used. She also took both lamp tables from the living room, perfectly illustrating her concept of an even split.

Although she hasn't lifted a finger in over 8 years to care for any of the orchids she felt it necessary to take all 40 or so of those too. She didn't bother with the shelving or lights, just the plants. Again with the "even" split. Her sister had given me about a dozen or so Balinese wood carvings she'd had in storage from way back when I ran her now closed retail store, Jeannette has never expressed any interest in them or lifted a finger to clean or maintain them but suddenly she liked them well enough to take every single one. You get the picture. There's plenty more, and I'm sure that given the amount of items missing I'll soon discover even more twisted versions of an "equal split" because Jeannette has a bizarre sense of entitlement that I've never been able to figure out.

What's mine is mine, what's ours is mine and what's yours is mine. That seems to be her philosophy. Once again stupidity prevails, thereby guaranteeing that what should have been a quick and simple divorce will now be ugly, drawn out and very expensive.

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