Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Back To The Daily Grind

The annual year-end holiday hoopla has finally gone away. The vacation hours are all used up. The turkeys are slaughtered and eaten (for which I sure give thanks .. yummy!). International Hassle Day has come and gone, the gifts are all opened, played with and forgotten, some exchanged or even broken already. The New Year has been rung in with excess celebration. Resolutions are made and already broken. Too much food and drink have been consumed for weeks and everyone's bitching about their weight gain. Ahhhh, ya gotta love this time of year, lol.

All that shit is over now, so get your lazy ass back to work!! You've got 11 months to plan out next year's festivities (for lack of a better word) so get to it! Don't be hurting yourself on the exercise machines either while trying to work off all the cookies, chocolate, and excess food. You've got months before you need to squeeze back into that bathing suit or ass hugging pair of shorts, so go easy!

Oh yeah, before anyone accuses me of being overly Scroogified .....
Happy Friggin' New Year!!

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