Tuesday, December 25, 2012

So... It's Christmas

Christmas means nothing to Zeus, it's just another day as far as he's concerned so there's no sleeping in for me. He still demands his breakfast by 7 AM, if I don't cooperate then he'll just start knocking things off of the nightstand until I get up, and when that's empty he moves to the dresser and starts the process all over again. It's a three step process, repeated until I get up to feed him. Step 1 is to use his big hairy foot to slide something to the edge of whatever it's on. Phone, alarm clock, empty drinking cup, it doesn't matter what it is. Step two is to sit there looking at me to see if I'll acknowledge him and get up. Step three occurs when I don't get up, one final pat with his foot and whatever it was goes over the edge and hits the floor. He'll look down at it, then at me, then move on to something else to begin the process all over again.

After feeding him this morning I looked out the window to see that it's quite pretty outside. It snowed yesterday and last night and the temperature barely stayed just below the freezing point so it's a wet snow, the kind that sticks to everything. Every little twig and every branch of all of the trees are covered in clean white snow. All the roofs on the houses, all the utility wires, anything not vertical is pure white.

I'll be headed to my parents' house in a few hours for some family time, it's always fun to agitate my nieces and I have to continue the tradition carried on by my sister and I of trying to give each other the meanest and most smart-assed cards possible.

I think I'm with Zeus this year, Christmas hasn't been a big deal to me for a very long time but this one means even less. I just can't get into the spirit at all. No Christmas movies, not even the old animated versions. No Christmas music, not even the online playlists I've made of all the rock versions of old Christmas classics. Just a few short months ago I thought this was going to be a landmark Christmas, one of those "Christmases to remember." It's not, it's just another joyless, empty day like any other, no more worthy of remembrance than yesterday or tomorrow.

Bah humbug


  1. I'm with Zeus too; MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy 2013, from me, Cleo Golden plus Nieve & Blau & Kury & Bigo cat band.

    1. Thanks, and Happy New Year to you and your merry band of cats as well.