Wednesday, August 29, 2012

World's Best Cat Litter

Another natural product I tried as part of my ongoing quest to reduce my impact on what's left of our environment. This is another corn based product, made from whole kernel corn which according to the manufacturer's website "means it has a naturally absorbent structure that keeps nasty odors and smells inside the litter." Being corn based it also weighs half of what comparable usage of typical clay based clumping litters weigh which is also a plus, on a per use basis it requires less fuel to transport.

In my opinion clumping litters are superior to regular litter for several reasons. When you clean the box you remove all of the waste, this leaves nothing behind so odor control is far better since there's never any urine soaked litter in the box. The clumping varieties also seem to better cover the smell of feces as well, perhaps their absorbency dehydrates the waste in some way making it less smelly. They are less expensive in the long run. When using regular litter you have to regularly dispose of the entire contents of the litter box, this can get expensive when you're tossing out pounds of litter at a time every week or so. The clumping litters can go significantly longer before such a change is needed, and you can let the amount of litter in the box gradually decline during the week before a changeover so you don't have to discard as much.

Overall first impression was very good. Zeus was right in it, no problems there. There's a slight earthy smell at first but unless the litter box is in a small confined space it's not a problem. It seemed to work well and there were no unpleasant odors from the litter box even at close proximity.

I've been through numerous bags now, several of each formula in fact and I like them all. There's a standard clumping formula, a multi-cat formula and a scented clumping formula. All are completely natural with no clay. The scented one is scented with lavender and has become my favorite of the three.

  • Price: about $8 - $9 for an 8 lb bag.
  • Clumping Ability: This litter clumps well. The clumps form instantly and are fairly strong, unless your cat is a digging crazed feline backhoe you should have no trouble. This does require that you clean the box daily but it only takes a couple minutes, otherwise the regular digging cats perform when covering their waste will break up the existing clumps.
  • Odor Control: Excellent odor control, far superior to regular litters. People will walk into your house and not even realize you have a cat (or cats).
  • Tracking: Possibly due to the sheer size of Zeus's giant hairy feet, this stuff does track. Its light weight may also be a contributing factor. A mat outside the box will help with this, and there are mats specifically made for this purpose.

Overall I'm very satisfied, this is a high quality product and lives up to its name. I think my quest for a good litter is over. The product website is here and even better, you can try a bag for free by filling out the rebate form on the site.

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