Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mothers Powerball 4 Lights Headlight Restoration Kit

I've seen these kits advertised on television before but always thought the ads were full of crap. I just didn't think an abrasive paste grinding away at plastic could produce a clear result. Well, I was wrong because it does.

I finally gave in when headlight restoration was recommended to me when I last took my truck in for service. They wanted $60 for the service, so I figured if they were going to charge $60 for it then it must work. Otherwise they'd be getting so much crap from angry customers that they'd probably stop offering the service.

This kit was easy to find, and only cost about $20 to buy. So for a third of the price charged by the garage and maybe 20 minutes of my time from start to finish I now have crystal clear headlights. It was easy, worked exactly as described and the results were exactly as advertised. Everything you need is included in the kit with the exception of a drill (my cordless drill worked fine) and some masking tape. You get the poofy blue powerball, a bottle of the polishing compound, a nice soft cloth to buff the hazy leftovers off of your clean headlights, and 2 double-sided abrasive pads which are only used for seriously messed up headlights after the rest of the kit has been used to no effect.

My nasty, 13 year old faded and hazy headlights are now looking like new. I can even see where I'm going at night, instead of just seeing where I am at the moment, lol. It certainly is a refreshing change. I didn't use much of it, so I have enough left to use for maintenance cleanings for years to come. All in all it's a good deal for an easy to use product that works exactly as it claims.

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