Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1:45 AM, Stick a Fork In Me Because I Am Done!

I am done, wiped out, exhaustipated and just plain tired. Trust me on this one, moving out of a house with zero assistance of any kind is no fun at all. None. I had to get creative a couple times but I managed to get the big armoire out all by myself, and the loveseat as well. Believe it or not the loveseat was waaayyyyyyyyy more difficult than the armoire but most everything is out and nothing was destroyed or even damaged. Go me! In between all the packing and moving I've managed to sell, give away or trash well over half of what used to be my life possessions. I've gone from an 1800 ft² house plus a bunch of stuff in the attic and basement, not to mention the shed, to a 100 ft² storage locker.

On the plus side, the house is about 90% empty so I should have everything except a few essentials out of there by tomorrow (Wednesday, which is actually today now) night. That leaves me Thursday night to give the yard one final mow and the house one final cleaning then I am done with it. Unless some unlikely circumstance stops the sale this house is no longer mine as of Friday morning. So ends this chapter of my life, and oddly enough it also ends the next chapter before it even starts. Yeah, I've got skills.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about it, mostly because I am a creature of habit and this is going to be a serious change. Fortunately once it happens I adapt well to change, even if I am usually hesitant to initiate it. I'll miss some aspects of the house; the garden, my second floor covered porch outside of the master bedroom, even my annual battle with the blueberry burgling catbirds. On the other hand, it is my last remaining tie to she who can not be named so good freaking riddance.

What's next? I have no idea. I was broadsided by unexpected events which completely trashed my plans just 11 days before I was to sign the papers and turn over the keys so I'm somewhat at a loss. Eleven days isn't much time to find a place, even were I not in the midst of packing and moving and everything that entails, plus selling off half my life on Craigslist while still keeping up with the regular house and yard maintenance and doing all of it by myself while still working full time. I had set my mind on following a dream, and was so focused on that dream that somewhere along the way I stupidly forgot to plan for any contingencies. Now I have to deal with that. It's going to be interesting, that's for sure.

Now I'm off to see if I can get a few hours sleep before I do it all over again. I'm getting too old for this shit.

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