Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Free!! Or Damn Near, Anyway.

This morning I found in my mailbox a letter from my attorney accompanied by a copy of the final, time-stamped divorce decree. As of the 6th of January, she who can not be named is now officially my ex, thank God. I never thought I'd be so happy to be a statistic. I think I'm going to order a clean copy of the actual decree so I can frame it then hang it on the wall where it will be a daily source of happiness.

Final tally, just over $10k and counting but that should just about do it. Money well spent as far as I'm concerned even if I now spell the word "broke" with the letters j, e and f. However, as broke as I may be, swcnbn is even more so. Her petty bitch attitude, incessant lies and overall stupidity cost her a ton. $20,000 cash out of pocket paid to me, $16,000 out of her pension plan paid to me, at least $12,000 paid to her attorney and the court. That's $48,000 dollars cash out of pocket she had to pay for a divorce that would have cost her $500 had she not been such a stupid bitch about every single thing. Plus she is excluded from all proceeds resulting from the sale of our house, the house in which I still live. Even if her share would been only a couple thousand dollars she's out 50k, or 100 times more than her total expenditures would have been if she'd have acted like a grown up and used some common sense.

That's two steps down now, one to go. Now to sell the house, and the sooner the better. Once it sells I'll be completely done with the whole mess and free to move on, every trace of swcnbn will be removed from my life and as far as I'm concerned she will have never existed. Woot!!

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