Monday, August 2, 2010

What A Dick

Today I get a letter from my attorney. Enclosed is a copy of a letter sent to her by swcnbn's attorney demanding I pay the balance of a bill from the dentist within two weeks or he'd file petition to compel such payment since I was still on her insurance plan. WtF??

I had already paid over half of the original bill, a fact he'd have known if either he or my sad excuse of a wife had bothered to ask. The remaining balance was in dispute because the insurance company hadn't paid their portion correctly and the dentist's staff had originally billed me incorrectly, mistakenly adding a service I did not receive on that visit. Jackass and Queen Bitch would have known this had either one of them bothered to ask. I actually owed $220 less than what that jackass was demanding I pay, the matter had already been resolved between myself and the dentist's office staff and the final check had already been mailed. Those two deserve each other, lol. They're a match made in heaven.

So the stupid cow spent a minimum of $150 for her attorney to demand payment of a bill I had already paid. Funny, eh? It did give me a great idea though. I don't really need to do anything at all regarding the divorce, I just need to keep giving her more rope to better enable her to hang herself. All of her arrogance, spite and lies will come back to haunt her in the end, but thinking ahead has never been one of her strong points. She's always been all about immediate gratification, future be damned, which is one of the biggest reasons why we are where we are today.

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