Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Small Victory

Today I won a small victory in the never ending saga of the joke known as my divorce. My soon-to-be-ex's attorney had filed a petition with the court with the intent of giving complete control of the house to my wife, leaving me completely out of any and all decisions regarding repairs to be done, contractors to be paid, the sale price, etc... As justifcation for this request they had listed a collection of lies ranging from little white ones to flat out blatant bullshit.

The hearing for that petition was today, and once her attorney realized I had paperwork with me which would unequivocally disprove his entire list of her lies he chickened out of his own hearing, volunteering instead to hold a conference between my wife and I plus both attorneys to see if an agreement could be reached.

We reached one, and she is now under court order to get her ass into this house and help get it ready for sale, something she has refused to do for four months now. She is also under court order to get the bulk of her remaining possessions out of the house so they are out of the way and will no longer impede any progress. I doubt she'll comply, court order or not, because I know that her twisted sense of entitlement will enable her to believe that she's so very special that a court order doesn't apply to her. The whole ridiculous petition backfired on her lying, thieving ass and she now (technically) has no choice but to participate, contribute and get out of my way.

The part which strikes me as the funniest about all of this is that not only did she come out the loser in more ways than one, it cost her over a thousand dollars to do so! That particular petition costs $510 just to file, plus 2 hours of attorney fees for the hearing and conference at $300/hour and that doesn't even include any prep time he may have billed to her. You have no idea how badly I wanted to flip her off with both hands with an "In your face, bitch!" thrown in for good measure.

Moments like that, as few and far between as they may be, almost make the whole ridiculous process bearable.

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