Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer, Just About Over And Done

So it's been 9 months since I posted anything, don't think I'm going to make up for it by posting some incredibly exciting blog from which you can't tear yourself away. You'll be very disappointed if you do. I haven't really done much of anything interesting, I'm pretty boring.

Last night I went to Longwood Gardens to see their last Fountain and Fireworks show of the season. It's a really good show and I hadn't been to one in several years so I figured I was due, plus I know someone who works there so I didn't have to pay to get in. If you plan on coming to the Philadelphia/Baltimore/Delaware area anytime during the summer months I recommend that you try to schedule your trip so that you can make it to one of these events. You can easily spend a day on the property and cap it off with the fireworks.

It's basically a really good 30 minute fireworks display over top of a 5 acre fountain garden with musical accompaniment. The fountains change constantly, both the shapes and sizes of the water jets as well as the colors of the lights, and it's all synchronized and controlled by computer so the fountains, fireworks and music all work together. Here are a few photos of the main fountain garden.

At the end of July and into early August I went on a family vacation, the first in about 25 years. It went better than I expected. We went to Williamsburg and I got to be a kid again, that was fun! We spent one whole day in Busch Gardens where I managed to ride every big, fast ride they had, some of them several times. I think the high temperatures (high 90s) and high fuel costs at the time kept a lot of people away, the lines were short and on one roller coaster we didn't even have to get out, we just stayed in our seat and rode it again. The next day we went to Water Country and rode all the water rides all day, what a great way to spend a hot summer day.

Here I am with one of my nieces waiting for the ride to start.

Everything else is the same as usual. Work has been busier than expected and is getting even busier as we start preparing for my oh so freakin' favorite time of year and it's accompanying six weeks of Hell. The yard has been pretty much taken over by two weeds that just won't die no matter what I spray them with or how much I spray on them. Those little wild violets and that creeping charlie ground ivy seem immune to weed killers. The garden is starting to wind down a little early, the dry summer has pushed many plants into an early dormancy. If I ever get around to organizing and sorting the hundreds of pictures I've taken I may post an album of some of the flower pictures.

That's it, my past 9 months in a nutshell. You may now amuse yourself by making fun of my boring life or by expressing shock and/or surprise at the fact that I got up off of my lazy ass and typed something.

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