Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Is Too Short

Ok, somebody needs to make Halloween last longer. The best damned holiday of the year and the fun only lasts about an hour and a half, maybe two hours at best? That's just wrong!!

It was another good year, I scared the crap out of a bunch of kids, a few teens, even a couple of parents. Nobody cried and nobody fell down the steps in their hurry to run. Best of all, I even had some candy left over for me! A great big "Thank you!" to all the kids that were too scared to come to the porch and get candy, those Snickers bars were tasty!

Now I have to start planning next year's scares, I've already got the idea, I bet the kids will absolutely LOVE a rotting corpse clawing it's way out of a half buried coffin and reaching out to grab them. Now I just need to make it work. Details, details, details. But first, I hear half a bag of Snickers bars calling my name and I've no choice but to heed their call. I'm weak like that.

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