Saturday, November 16, 2013

Another Stupid Teabagger, What A Surprise

I logged into another blog site this morning and as usual was immediately greeted with yet another post by a Conservative mouthpiece who seemingly can't tell the difference between fact and fiction, or just doesn't care. What a surprise. The “news” this time? Michelle Obama had checked into the Betty Ford Center to be treated for her meth addiction. Not only was the blogger completely fooled by an obvious parody, and not only did he completely fail to make even the slightest effort to fact check, he even point blank stated that he hoped it was true and wanted it to be true. Seriously? How big an asshole must you be to hope that someone is addicted to a substance as vile as meth? Gaping, that's how big. Large enough to float a battleship with room for maneuvers.

Let's ignore the fact that the site on which an article is published is a satirical site. Let's ignore the fact that the person pictured in the photograph included in the article isn't even the person featured as the subject of the article. Let's ignore the fact that simply Googling any of the other names mentioned in the article show them all to be barely altered versions of character names from a fictional television show. Let's also ignore the facts that other descriptions and details mentioned in the article are also lifted from the plot of the same show. Let's ignore the fact that the satirical nature of the site is evident after even the most cursory examination. Let's ignore the fact that it took only seconds to discover all of these facts.

Hell, let's just ignore all the facts, why break tradition? This is the mentality of the new breed of far right Conservatives, I imagine them reading this kind of crap while their eyes glaze over as they begin chanting in mindless zombie fashion, “Liiiiiieees... Must... spread... lies...,” a blank stare and euphoric smile on their face, arms stretched out before them as they begin their day of mindless copy and paste blogging.

I can not comprehend what pushes people to regurgitate as fact anything they find which denigrates whomever they see as “the enemy,” regardless of whether or not it's an outright lie. Is it ignorance? Is it blind hatred? Is it a lack of common sense? Is it laziness? Is it everyday ordinary garden variety stupidity? Or is it just the complete and total lack of anything even vaguely resembling a moral compass, a trait which increasingly pervades the lunatic fringe? Have they no pride, no self-respect, no desire to be seen both individually and collectively as anything other than unintelligent, uninformed pathological liars?

How ironic that the same people who constantly cry about the "liberal media" and its lies while referring to anyone with a political opinion differing from their own as stupid or mindless themselves collectively spread lie after lie as "news" while believing every word of it, ostensibly because they are so incapable of independent thought that they blindly accept as fact anything which supports their own ignorance, bigotry and hatred. These are the people who claim to know what's best for America, yet should they succeed in their quest to seize control of our government and inflict their twisted values on our people the end result would be the creation, rise, and fall of the world's first idiocracy.

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