Monday, July 16, 2012

Temporarily Relocated

The house finally sold, the papers are signed, the keys handed over, the money wired and the checks cashed. It took a couple hours longer than it should have but it settled and I'm rid of it. I have moved in (sort of) to a new place. It's tough transition, and I'm not sure how long it will last but it's a roof and a shower. I'm exhausted, and just want to sleep. Zeus handled the two hour drive pretty well, his usual barf at the 25 minute mark, then fine the rest of the time. Now he has to learn a whole new home, and deal with the rather energetic little 9-month old kitten already living here. That hasn't gone so well so far, little kitty might be lunch if he doesn't back off. He'll learn the hard way I guess.

Internet here is via satellite so its always slow and about useless when it rains. I had tried to surf a little on Sunday but the slow internet made worse by rain meant that I couldn't go anywhere or do anything so I just closed the laptop and walked away.

I found a Chinese take-out which has on its menu one of my favorite dishes, and it's within easy walking distance. Now I need to go learn my new town and find all the basics like grocery stores and gas stations.

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