Monday, May 24, 2010

Silly Demands

Today I get a letter from swcnbn's attorney informing me that I owe her about $3,100 from her trip to the Philippines. You know, the one that I didn't take. I supposedly owe over $2,000 for resort costs and I also supposedly owe her sister almost $1,100 because swcnbn claims her sister paid for the airline tickets. She had 10 days notice that I wasn't going but her phone log showed no calls to the resort or to the airline, she didn't even try to cancel so she can kiss my ass. I'm not divorcing her sister so she can kiss my ass too. Swcnbn used the room herself, she's lost her mind if she thinks I'll be paying for it. I had previously offered to pay for the airfare but she refused. That was her decision, she can deal with it. I'll pay it if and when a judge orders me to, that's the only way she'll see a penny. It's another lie anyway, I found out swcnbn had taken $7,000 from her pension plan back in January, I'd bet good money part of that went to repay her sister so in actuality her sister didn't pay a thing.

How very fitting that her last 2 initials are BS, she is all BS all the time.

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