Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Boooo Flickr!

   I'm already sick of Flickr, my introductory free PRO account is about to expire and when it does I'm only allowed to have 3 sets (albums). All the photos remain but the ability to organize them goes away. It seems pretty stupid to make people look through a couple of hundred photos to find ones they may be interested in seeing. 

Flickr doesn't allow you to reorganize the Photostream either so you're stuck with showing that in the order that the pictures were downloaded unless you manually edit the upload date of every photo one at a time. You can't even put a slideshow of your Flickr photos on a blog, they don't offer any such option. Screw Yahoo! for shutting down their own Photos service and leaving us with this as the alternative, the hunt is on for a new photo sharing site.

MyPhotoAlbum.com was my first try. Joining was easy, and figuring things out seemed easier than in Flickr. Drawbacks are that free accounts can't show the full sized originals, have limited ability to post slide shows in blogs and the code they provide does not function in Yahoo! 360° (then again, what does?). It does work in MySpace just fine though.

Does anyone out there know of any good free photo storage/sharing sites without these limitations?

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