Sunday, August 12, 2007

Discovery Channel, Planet Earth In HD

I was pleasantly surprised at the BBC series Planet Earth which recently ran on Discovery Channel. Throughout all eleven episodes the damage we are doing is scarcely even mentioned. Instead it focuses on the incredible diversity of habitat and animal life which exist on our planet. Each episode concentrates on a specific habitat; it's features and it's animal life. Some episodes contain footage of habitat areas that have never been filmed, including previously unfilmed animals and animal behavior. Most all of it is filmed in high definition so it's incredibly clear on HDTV.

If you get a chance to catch a few episodes, I highly recommend it. Despite the damage that we as a species are causing and the fact that our population is steadily spreading into new territory there are still pristine areas where nature goes about it's business undisturbed as it has for millions of years. It's a refreshing change to see it presented this way. You can read about the series in this Wikipedia article.

I also recommend Blue Planet, a similar series dealing exclusively with our oceans. It begins showing again on Aug 19th.

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