Monday, July 17, 2006

How NOT To Spend Your Morning

Last night was just chock fkn full of excitement, unfortunately it was the kind I could do without. It started a few nights ago, I had awoken at some ridiculous hour by what I thought was just some serious back pain, probably just from sleeping in an odd position. I mean serious pain as in "take your breath away, holy fuck that hurts please make it stop" serious. I got up, moved around, did some stretching and it went away. Problem solved. Or so I thought.

Last night I was having trouble sleeping so I went out for a late night swim, I came back in around 3am or so. Before I could fall asleep the pain came back, even worse than it was a few days ago. This time it didn't go away. I took about 30 minutes worth of it then caved and had the wife drive me to the Emergency Room. I've no idea what was in that IV but it sure did make the pain go away. It also took away my ability to think or to make any sense whatsoever when I attempted to speak, lol. Eventually they gave me a CAT scan, it ended up being a 2.5 millimeter stone causing a blockage resulting in a backup of urine. No wonder I felt like someone had repeatedly kicked me in the kidney.

I finally got home at about 10am and fell into a drug induced and much needed sleep until 5pm when I woke up for dinner. Now I feel totally drained and still groggy, but at least no pain *crosses fingers*. Hopefully I pass the stone, and soon. I do NOT want a repeat of all that.

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