Monday, June 26, 2006

Where's Noah When You Need Him?

 Rain rain go away come again some other day!

Preferably to a place where you're really needed. Day 5 of the rain, while the last 4 were on and off it's been pretty constant today with some pretty torrential downpours. At least there's only been one bad storm cell with 50 mph winds. Large sections of the garden are trashed, mulch is all over the yard and a lot of plants have been broken off, blown over or just plain washed out. The work never ends.

Getting around is getting to be more difficult because more and more roads are getting closed due to flooding, even some of the major routes have standing water on them. It's fun to come out of a curve at 40mph and slam into 9 or 10 inches of water on the road. Damn near gave me a heart attack!

My pool has overflowed, I already had to go out and open the drain plug on the filter pump so I could drain out a few hundred gallons just to get it down to it's maximum fill level.

Along with all of that mess, my absolute favorite thing has happened, my basement is flooding. I can hardly wait to stay up all night dealing with that then rowing my truck to work tomorrow!!

I hope your week is off to a better start than mine.

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