Friday, April 21, 2006

Gardening Time

Spring has sprung and my plants are growing like mad already. There's not been much to speak of in the way of flowers yet, but they're coming.

Since I seem to always be working in the yard or garden I figured I may as well show everyone some of what's in it. I'll try to keep the photos organized chronologically so you can see it as it progresses. There's a few in the Garden album now if you wanna see the real early stuff.

Just remember that I have an ancient relic of a digital camera, and the wind doesn't always cooperate and let everything stay still when I'm trying to photograph a plant. Bottom line .... some inevitable poor quality pictures. Send me a new 13 megapixel digital with 20x zoom and I'll be happy to take better ones. And a tripod too! Maybe some lights while you're at it. Some other lenses would be good too. Yep, I'm greedy.

Of course, this probably won't make a bit of sense since I copied this post here from another site and there are no photo albums here.

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