Wednesday, April 27, 2011

White House Releases Full Obama Birth Certificate

From this Huffington Post article

Attention conspiracy theorists, "birthers" and Tea Party supporters, full and final proof has now been given regarding what the rest of us already knew. President Obama was born in the US, is a US Citizen and is therefore eligible for the position he now holds. You must now accept the reality that Obama is your president. Get over it.

John McCain, Obama's opponent in the last election, was not born in the United States. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone, an unincorporated US territory. Persons born in the Canal Zone were not granted citizenship status, only the status of US national. While this was later changed and applied retroactively it doesn't change the fact that McCain was not a natural born US citizen as is required of anyone running for the Presidency. Oddly enough, there was no fringe group of ultra-liberals proclaiming him ineligible for the job or demanding he withdraw from the race. There was no public outcry, it was barely even given any mention at all.

The next time you latch onto some ridiculous theory supported by zero proof of any kind and feel the need to use that theory as a means to justify your own personal bigotry or to farther your own agenda of hate, divisiveness or political bias please do the rest of the country a favor, sit down and shut up. There are issues facing this nation which are far more important than proving yet again what has already been proven numerous times.

Thank you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend, Workend, Whatever.

I had a constructive weekend, actually getting a few things accomplished. Things I've been meaning to do but never quite got around to doing. There was also the usual laundry, picking up/putting away and cleaning of the house. I had to be extra thorough because a realtor had scheduled a showing for noon Saturday so that added some time and work, wasted time at that but that's a different story.

A couple years ago I removed one of the windows in a seldom used room of the house so I could prettify the whole mess. It's 110 years old, all wood frame with the top sash permanently painted shut. The bottom sash was difficult to open and everything was covered with layer upon layer of paint, each layer an uglier color than the last. Most of the trim and the frame components were rotted or otherwise unusable once removed. I was motivated when I first took it out, it wasn't long before I had all the old paint stripped and sanded from both sashes, all of the glass removed and all of the old glazing scraped out, the glass back in and reglazed, and the whole mess primed and painted and ready to install. Then it sat in the basement collecting dust.

Fast forward a couple years to when I put the house up for sale, I cleaned up and painted the frame and sill, caulked where it was needed then brought the window sashes upstairs so I could put them back in. There they sat... until this weekend. Earlier in the week I finally went out and tracked down the trim pieces and other assorted parts I needed. Friday night I did all the measuring and cutting then primed and painted them with a couple coats of semi-gloss white. Saturday, when the whole mess was dry I put it all back together and gave it a final coat of paint then installed a miniblind. Oddly enough everything actually works, too. The top sash goes down and the bottom sash goes up, the ropes, weights and pulleys are all good and everything fits and operates the way it should. That was the last time-intensive project I had left and I'm way glad to finally have it done.

I killed another 4 hours going out to rent a carpet cleaning machine and using it on the only remaining piece of old carpet in the house. Of course that would be the largest room in the house. Short version.... ew. It's clean now though. After returning the machine I even managed to get a little more yard/garden cleanup done.

The last couple weeks have been a little rough and I'm not feeling all that great, neither mentally nor physically. I think my favorite tick-borne disease is trying to make a comeback, it doesn't seem to take much to leave me feeling totally drained these days so all in all I did pretty good. Mmmmm.... lymeade anyone?