Friday, April 16, 2010

Spousal Support Order

Today was the Spousal Support hearing. Quite the interesting experience. She who can not be named lied to the Domestic Relations Officer 4 times while trying to make it seem like she actually pays for her health insurance and claiming that most of the furniture she took wasn't ours but was borrowed from her sister, lol. She tried 3 different twisted responses in an attempt to make it sound like she paid for the insurance but our health insurance is 100% paid for by her employer, and the furniture was paid for by us. I called her on her lies which didn't do much to make her look good.

Then it got real funny, I could barely keep a straight face when the DRO started reading the court order. She who can not be named has to pay me $460.73 every two weeks and it will be taken directly from her paycheck. She is also under court order to continue my health insurance under her current plan, and once I have paid a total of $250 out of pocket medical expenses she is required to pay 72% of the rest. Her attorney already stated his intention to appeal but in the meantime she's stuck paying it. I feel a couple trips to the dentist coming on, lol. So far her bitch attitude isn't working out real well for her. Poor thing.

The funniest part of the entire day was her sister. For reasons unknown the sister thought she'd be allowed in to the hearing. She was all dressed up and ready to do her meddling as she followed swcnbn, myself and both of our attorneys into the conference room. She was stopped by an official hand in her face and asked who she was, then told she couldn't enter. The look on her face was priceless, I wish I could have a picture to forever memorialize her expression. You've heard the expression "Her face fell..?" Well, hers did. It was so cartoonish that in my head I could hear the cartoon soundtrack of a trombone making the waw, waw, waw, wawwww sound. It took great effort to keep from laughing at her. That was the highlight of my day.