Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1:45 AM, Stick a Fork In Me Because I Am Done!

I am done, wiped out, exhaustipated and just plain tired. Trust me on this one, moving out of a house with zero assistance of any kind is no fun at all. None. I had to get creative a couple times but I managed to get the big armoire out all by myself, and the loveseat as well. Believe it or not the loveseat was waaayyyyyyyyy more difficult than the armoire but most everything is out and nothing was destroyed or even damaged. Go me! In between all the packing and moving I've managed to sell, give away or trash well over half of what used to be my life possessions. I've gone from an 1800 ft² house plus a bunch of stuff in the attic and basement, not to mention the shed, to a 100 ft² storage locker.

Another Time Killer To Combat Boredom

It's a free e-card site with cards for all occasions, and some of them are pretty funny indeed. I stumbled across this little gem and had to share it.

someecards.com - Church: where Republicans go to worship a long-haired socialist hippie who condemned the rich and told people to pay taxes
There's much to entertain you at someecards.com

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Multiply According To Alexa

First, what is Alexa? According to their "About" page Alexa has built an unparalleled database of information about web sites, including statistics, Related Links, and more. Their information comes from internet users who have installed the Alexa toolbar in their browsers. The toolbar collects information about their web browsing; what sites they visit, how long they stay, etc... Alexa then uses this information to rate websites according to parameters including Traffic Rank (how the site compares to the rest of the internet using site visits as a gauge) and Search Traffic (the percentage of site visits coming from search engine results) among others.

The long term results aren't encouraging

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not So Typical Amish Sightings

While on my way home from work this evening I decided that I was going to stop off at the local Chili's to have a beer or two. So I'm sitting there at the bar enjoying a frosty cold Blue Moon draft and chatting with the bar staff when a young Amish guy walks up to the bar and takes a seat. He was wearing the typical Amish attire, black pants complete with suspenders and a light to pastel colored shirt, so he was definitely the subject of a lot of curious looks from the rest of the restaurant patrons. You just don't see Amish sitting at a bar even if they order only strawberry lemonade and some food, as this young man did. Just when the stares and whispering had started to die down a little he pulls a cell phone out of his pocket and starts texting, lol.

When I left Chili's I headed over to Home Depot. As I was leaving there I had to wait for an older Amish man who was pushing one of the Home Depot flat carts down the aisle in the parking lot. He was headed to the far end of the lot where there is a large shed-like structure, the Amish equivalent of a parking garage where they can tie their horses in and keep them in the shade. As I drove past him I glanced at his cart and noticed that the object being pushed to a buggy by this older Amish farmer dressed in regular Amish attire including the straw hat, not to mention the long beard, was a top of the line propane powered gas grille.

The times they are a-changin'

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mothers Powerball 4 Lights Headlight Restoration Kit

I've seen these kits advertised on television before but always thought the ads were full of crap. I just didn't think an abrasive paste grinding away at plastic could produce a clear result. Well, I was wrong because it does.

I finally gave in when headlight restoration was recommended to me when I last took my truck in for service. They wanted $60 for the service, so I figured if they were going to charge $60 for it then it must work. Otherwise they'd be getting so much crap from angry customers that they'd probably stop offering the service.

This kit was easy to find, and only cost about $20 to buy. So for a third of the price charged by the garage and maybe 20 minutes of my time from start to finish I now have crystal clear headlights. It was easy, worked exactly as described and the results were exactly as advertised. Everything you need is included in the kit with the exception of a drill (my cordless drill worked fine) and some masking tape. You get the poofy blue powerball, a bottle of the polishing compound, a nice soft cloth to buff the hazy leftovers off of your clean headlights, and 2 double-sided abrasive pads which are only used for seriously messed up headlights after the rest of the kit has been used to no effect.

My nasty, 13 year old faded and hazy headlights are now looking like new. I can even see where I'm going at night, instead of just seeing where I am at the moment, lol. It certainly is a refreshing change. I didn't use much of it, so I have enough left to use for maintenance cleanings for years to come. All in all it's a good deal for an easy to use product that works exactly as it claims.

Dancing Cats?

While clicking my way through clikr.co I found this photo. How can you look at this and not laugh? Those cats are getting down!