Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Pimped Out Amish Buggy

Yes you read that correctly. I know the two phrases "pimped out" and "Amish buggy" don't exactly seem as if they should ever be in the same sentence but times, they are a changin', lol.

I live in Amish country, rarely a day goes by where I don't see Amish in their horse drawn buggy tearing up the road at a blistering 12mph. They are required to have lights and reflectors for safety so they have battery powered headlamps, rear lights and/or flashers as well as the typical reflective orange triangle. Over the past few years the light displays on some of the buggies have gotten more and more ornate as if many of the Amish are using them to express their creativity or individuality. On some of my later nights driving through the more heavily Amish areas I've passed upwards of two dozen buggies in rapid succession, some with over a dozen flashing lights on the rear. I've seen them arranged in all different patterns from stripes to geometric shapes to a big X, all merrily flashing away.

Tonight I saw something entirely new though, the ultimate in pimped out Amish buggies. Yes, a buggy underlit with neon, or probably LED tubes since they have to be battery powered. As I'm pulling away from a traffic light I look over just in time to see the horse, then behind it a blue glow on the road which turned out to be the light tubes mounted under the buggy itself. I headed home wondering if I'd just seen the Amish equivalent of a lowrider.

A bit of Googling turned up the following video to better show you what I saw. If the video does not start at the 59 second mark you'll want to advance to that point manually because the majority of the rest of the video is pretty boring, if not downright irritating. You'll probably want to turn the volume down right away, too.

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